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Everything is Design

Everything is Design

Everything assumes patterns, either naturally or by design. It seems things want to find a place of rest, or balance, or perhaps strength, to name a few observations. As a designer, I organize chaos, recongnizing that chaos is its own design by Nature.

 I once lived with a woman who was an expert at light design. Every room in the house had the perfect lighting, the perfect luminecense, attractive lamp shapes, postioning perfect. It was a waking dream.

For my Master's Degree I worked for six months on hexagons, one of nature's most perfect forms. Honeycombs, geoplogical minerals. snowflakes and so on. I studied how they fit, made them, arranged them into graphic art. I made a 6' hexagon as a container for one of my semester projects.

Less is more. Constraint is needed. Type is Symbols. Images Talk. Space Breathes. Color Scheming. Direction. Impact. Relationship. Design.


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