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Wordpress vesus Joomla

Wordpress vesus Joomla

So the debate rages on between Wordpress and Joomla, the primary two Content Management Systems being used today in the development of websites. If one researches the better system on google, after hours one will probably come away with the same opinion one had before one started - it seems a matter of opinion. Patrick Doyle put it best when he mentioned one day, "All the clients want Wordpress, all the developers want Joomla".

I've studied and worked with what I consider the three primary CMS's, WordpressJoomla and Drupal. They all offer different advantages and disadvantages and are also once and both, simple and complex. My opinion is that Joomla offers the best options of the three. It has the largest development community behind it and also offers better layout options, themes and templates than what I have seen for Wordpress or Drupal, although this is somewhat debatable as all three offer an extensive library of tools to work with. 

Wordpress came out about  / was first released in 2003 and quickly became the predominant blogging platform in the early years of Content Management Systems. However, it had numerous limitations that were unacceptable to many coding experts and so about 2005 Joomla came on the scene as a more refined CMS, building off of the weaknesses of Wordpress.  Another CMS called Drupal also (actually pre Wordpress) was already on the scene about 2000, but had different limitations, but is and remains the main third CMS out there. In a nutshell, Wordpress started and remains somewhat of a blogging platform (although this is changing), Joomla works best for midsize websites such as TDG and more suitable to design latitude,  and Drupal is better suited for larger organizations.

One of the latest differences, and notable, is that due to frequent updates in Wordpress, it has become a favorite of Hackers. This is not good. By contrast Joomla is rarely hacked as the updates are less numerous and the platform seems to be less attractive to that group of individuals. Another difference I been wondering about is the shopping cart extensions available for both systems. I recently worked on an extensive site needing multiple extensions to the shopping cart and used an extension for Joomla called Mijoshop - which is a bundled open source cart called Open Cart. It does not seem to be easily available for Wordpress which is a dealbreaker for me.

Regardless, I am biased and staying with Joomla for the development of my sites as I believe it to be a better system all things considered. It is an opinion, just like all the others on the www.

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10 years or more web experience, extensive web marketing, layout, design skills... Been hanging out with Graphic Designers for the last twenty years or more, so have some general graphic skills that have rubbed off, teaches web design, general Macintosh computer skills at Taos branch of the University of New Mexico.


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