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Now, Where is Taos, New Mexico Again?

Now, Where is Taos, New Mexico Again?

Taos is our little refuge, a beautiful high desert town in Northern New Mexico. Ten miles out of town we have an excellent ski resort, Taos Ski Valley, and ten miles to the west in the newly create Rio Grande Gorge National Monument. The town lies about 80 miles north of Santa Fe, NM, and about 80 miles south of the Colorado border.

It is not a big place, although spread out over some distances. It also sports a somewhat unique cultural mix, with a Native American culture mixed in with an old Hispanic culture, and a newer White culture, approximately in equal thirds.

We live here due to the high quality of nature and scenery, quiet and color. We don't have all the conveniences of larger communities, such as Costco or Honda Dealerships, but experience less traffic, pollution and general stress as a trade-off, and some feel an overall high quality of life. 

Taos is also a true Art Colony, and has been since the early 1900's. The place drips art and has had many famous artists, photographers and writers either settle in the area or spend time here - Anges Martin, Georgia O'keefe, Ernest L. Blumenschein, E. I. Couse, D.H. Lawrence, Ansel Adams, R. C. Gorman along with many fine Native American and Hispanic artists also. You can read in more detail here -


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