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Current Trends in Web Design.

Current Trends in Web Design.

When one looks at enough websites, it becomes clear there are several trends in design - flat, single page, sideways scrolling, card design and more. Below is a list of trends and short definitions.

Various trends happening in the web world.

Responsive Design - Design that rearranges itself to the viewing device. This is the dominant trend right now in web, and will only become more refined and common, making fixed width sites look outdated. This website is responsive.

Standard Design - This refers to the standard 'F' shape website, with a horizontal menu across the top, a secondary menu down the left, and the main content to the rght.

Flat Design - Design which is characterized by flat color bases, edge to edge design and no dimension, notable in the absence of shadows and spacing. People either like this type of look or not. I think it works for certain environments, but certainly not all.

Card Design - This is the Pinterest Look, very succesful for certain types of websites, but again, not all. This type of design works well for responsive action. It can also be adapted to shopping carts although a more conservative approach may be better for most situations.

Single Page Design - This look is when an entire website is more or less put into one long page, such as this website. It is popular for portfolio and information based websites.

Horizontal Design - Design that stretches horizontally, requiring scrolling sideways to discover content. The is another portfolio approach, used instead of pages.

Scroll Over or Parallax Design - Design that scrolls over fixed backgrounds. This trend is going to continue to expand and be explored by developers.

Hybrid Design - Design that combines two types of design, such as Standard with Flat of Single Page design, or Card design with Flat design.


Other Trends aside from layout are better and better typography options, bigger and bolder backgrounds including videos, microinteractions (little windows and actions), increased interactivity, increased personal User Interfacing and Customization and greater Storytelling - all topics to be discussed in later blogs. 



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