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Tsu - the Facebook Killer?

Tsu - the Facebook Killer?

So what is Tsu (pronounced soo)? It's a social network modeled after Facebook with one distinct difference. And that diffference is that the ad revenue generated by the social network is shared with the account user - 90% of it in fact, distributed through a manner similar to multi-level marketing. In short you get paid to post and make friends!

 It seems to be a popular idea. Within a month of it's launch in October 2014, it had over a million people sign up for it, something that took Facebook eleven months to achieve when it first started. Here is a link for a complete description of its success and practice -


Yes, I created an account and have made some pocket change in my explorations of this platform. At this point it is different than Facebook in terms of its community. My 'Friends' are all on Facebook, people I know, or friends of friends and so forth. In Tsu, the successful pages are more theme oriented, such as 'Live Well' which is health oriented, sharing articles from the web, or 'Grandma's Recipes' which shares chosen meals and desserts. Other themes are music videos, art, fantasy, hemp, ballet, photographs and so on. The 'Friends' thing may develop over time as more people migrate to Tsu - or not if they don't, or maybe people will just make new friends.

My thinking is that Tsu will have an erosion effect on Facebook, if it works. Right now a lot of people have signed up posting all kinds of nonsense, simply tyring to make money, which is counterproductive to the spirit of Tsu. However I think over time it may filter this type of action out to some degree and the higher quality accounts and material will sustain. I doubt anyone will get rich off of it, but it is nice to see a little account slowly build which you can transfer to your paypal account or donate to your favorite charity. Tsu is big into social responsibility.

If you want to join and check it out, which is by invitation only due to the nature of the business model, you'll need a shortcode. My shortcode is - 'tsushortcode' which was available so I went ahead and signed up with it, curious.


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