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T A O S   W E B   D E S I G N

Web and design go hand-in-hand and we know how to blend the two.

We specialize in WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify.
We have been creating websites in Taos, NM (and beyond) since 2005.

It’s all about our clients:

The Friends of the Taos Public Library provide a number of services to the Taos Library and general community. Types of services include fundraising for library improvements and maintenance, outreach activities such as quarterly newsletters and website updates to keep the community informed about the Taos Library. Donations appreciated.

Makement: WordPress

Mary Hanrahan has had a full working history in all aspects of graphic design and communications, ranging from working for many universities. She graduated from VCFA’s MFA in Graphic Design in October 2013 in the first inaugural class, and is currently the Assistant Director of the program. Her thesis was entitled, Makement.

James Barbee began his training in photography as an undergraduate at the University of Miami, taking a course in the subject in the semester before entering medical school. Despite the long hours and demands of his medical career, he continued his interest in fine art and photography, attending museums and shows throughout the country whenever possible.

Taos Lifestyle: WordPress

Taos Lifestyle offers the most complete range of home furnishings in Northern New Mexico. And with 20 years in business, they have the experience to furnish a whole house or find just the right piece to compliment your collection.

Definitive ADR: WordPress

Alternative Dispute Resolution offers Arbitration & Mediation services, including labour arbitrations and domestic or international commercial arbitrations conducted under informal or formal Ad Hoc procedures, AAA, LCIA, ICC or other formats.

Tracy Turner Art: WordPress

Tracy Turner Sheppard’s landscapes of the Soutwest express a magical reality with color as the universal language. She plays with its endless variety and vibrancy, translating her own sense of joy and mystery of the physical world onto canvas.

Random Numbers Bookkeeping Elizabeth Weber is highly experienced in all bookkeeping services for small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Reliable > Ethical > Collaborative > Experienced > Detailed > Pragmatic > Supportive. Contact Elizabeth today!

Bill Rane’s luminous and colorful oil paintings are the marriage of the classical with the contemporary. His timeless textured canvases are full of myths, glyphs and codices. His unique style encompasses goddesses, geese, pelicans, pomegranates, mythical animals and sea creatures. To purchase prints, contact us!

Gail’s style is very much a part of Taos, New Mexico. The thing that is extraordinary about Gail Russell Art & Apparel is the entire dynamic and value system of her company. Every aspect of her company focuses on connection, community and quality products.

Gallery Huracan: WordPress

Photographer, Jim Barbee has lived in the Southern USA for most of his life. It’s a place which he treasures for the beauty to be found in its landscape and people. See Jim’s work here.

Anansi Charter School’s vision is to be a public community school that educates the heart and mind of each learner to ensure success. Please support Anansi.

Flowering Mountain: WordPress

Flowering Mountain website’s home for all the teachings and offerings of Martín Prechtel: artist, writer, musician, storyteller, teacher, healer and leading thinker. Martín’s books, lectures, audiobooks to purchase are here.

Amigos BravosWordPress

Amigos Bravos is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to preserving, restoring the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s waters since 1988. Become a volunteer today!

Around the World in Eighty Years:  Jim O’Donnell is an award-winning freelance writer & photographer and the author of Notes for the Aurora Society. He is based in Taos, NM, USA.

Jenny BirdWordPress

Jenny Bird’s been called “the most passionate performer in the new folk genre.” The stage is her second home where she’s been presenting her original songs since the age of ten. Shop Jenny’s music here.

Lynn Garlick’s retablo collection’s grown to over 125 individual images of blessings and protections with patronages and prayers to address all aspects of our daily lives. Find Lynn Garlick on Faire Wholesale too!

Taos Land Trust: WordPress

Taos Land Trust is a 30-year old nonprofit empowering people to protect the land and traditions they love through education, advocacy, and conservation. Your donation is appreciated.

Jacqueline Gala is a Taos Pueblo and Hopi Silversmith. She’s been creating unique works in silver, gold and precious stones for over 35 years. Contact her today.

Fine Art New Mexico: Art Storefronts

Fine Art New Mexico prints on paper and canvas (archival) fine art and photography at the highest standards in the giclée print industry for galleries, museums, and individual artists and photographers. About Filmmaker and Photographer Jack Leustig.

The Taos Arts Council promotes awareness, understanding and appreciation of all creative arts, literary, visual, textile, musical, performance etc., and is an advocate for artists and arts organizations in Taos and Northern NM. Support Taos Arts today.

Melissa Kennelly: WordPress

Melissa Kennelly Art Charcoal on Paper. Works inspired by nature, observation, self-study, practice and balance. Kennelly’s striking minimalist works evoke an emotional response to the epic forces at play as climate and water change landscape at a rate not seen by humans in thousands of years.

Established 2007, Blue Yonder Fly Fishing is one of Taos’ and Northern New Mexico’s finest and first all-inclusive guide service in the area. Blue Yonder provides highly professional, experienced guided fly fishing excursions in and around Taos and beyond.

Woodlife Cabinets has remodeled homes and built custom furniture throughout NM since 1989, offering styling from European Contemporary to more traditional forms of Old World and Southwest style. Call owner,  Gorky Pacha for a free estimate today.

Barry Norris Studio was founded in 2002 by Barry Norris and is a full-service, digital imaging studio specializing in fine art reproduction and digital (archival) printmaking for artists and photographers. Call for an estimate.

Please contact us for a free consultation and advice, estimates, or any questions about our web services via the form below. Thank you!

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